Alabama Senate runoff: Sessions best choice

Sam Stroud

Staff Writer

In the middle of a global pandemic, Alabama has political issues to tackle. Alabama’s GOP must decide on March 31, who will challenge incumbent Democratic Senator Doug Jones.

Jones was handed the seat on a silver platter after the state GOP nominated an alleged pedophile in 2017 to replace Jeff Sessions, who had been selected to be Trump’s Attorney General.

I want to congratulate the Alabama GOP for giving its own party two nominees that are leaps and bounds better than Roy Moore. Whoever wins this runoff ought to receive the full support of the State GOP and Senate GOP.

The two candidates in this runoff are Jeff Sessions, the former senator for the state of Alabama and  U.S. Attorney General for more than a year, and Tommy Tuberville, a football coach.

The reasons Jeff Sessions is imminently more qualified to receive this nomination are apparent just by those descriptions. Sessions is the last Republican to hold this Senate seat. While in the Senate, he had a consistent track record of voting for policies that benefited the state and against ones that were harmful to the state. Some examples of this would be his constant resistance to amnesty bills and sponsoring the “No Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Act.”

Sessions was an excellent senator before he left to become Attorney General. Now that he is back, there is no reason he should not be given a chance to reclaim his seat, which he used remarkably to benefit our great state and country.

None of this is to say Tommy Tuberville is a bad candidate or fake Republican.  Some of the Session’s campaign accusations against him are shameful. The attempts to smear him as some sort of greedy man who does not care about Alabama and is just in the race to garner power is absurd. The attempt to paint Tuberville as a man who secretly supports blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants is equally underhanded. That being said, Tommy Tuberville just does not have the Congressional record of running that Sessions does.

Jeff Sessions performed as fantastic as any senator could do for their state in his time in Congress. He always looked out for the state and never betrayed its interests. If it is not broken, don’t fix it.

Sessions deserves a chance to reclaim his seat and has done nothing to prove he is not a great representative for this state. On the other hand, Tuberville has no political experience whatsoever and is running on no record at all. Given a choice between a proven and an effective Senator or inexperienced football coach, the former senator is the better choice.

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