Alberich Honored for Library Contribution

by Sheldon Bloom

The Troy University Library recently awarded the Book Token Award to Dr. Johanna Alberich, an honor given annually to a faculty member who has contributed significantly to the library. 

            Students and faculty members were in attendance at  the annual ceremony last week as Alberich, an assistant professor of World Languages and Cultures, received the award for her work on a variety of activities and research in partnership with the library.

             “I always try to bring students over here to incorporate what they’re learning with the resources they have here at the library,” Alberich said.

            Encouraging student involvement is not the only way Alberich has been involved with the library. 

            “I do various activities and events for the library, and we’ve also been able to partner up for a Spanish film festival,” Alberich said. “We were able to get a grant to help with that, and now that’s one of the biggest events I do with the library every semester.” 

            Alberich said she was thrilled to have won the Book Token Award and expressed her passion for the library after receiving the honor. 

            “The library is a great place to be,” Alberich said. “I’ve felt that sometimes students don’t utilize the library as much as they could. 

“There’s everything from art to books, to games to activities, to quiet areas for research.”

Several students said they were excited to hear that Alberich had won the Book Token Award, as they claim she is a personal favorite to many of the students she teaches.

“I was elated to hear that my favorite teacher had won the Book Token Award,” said Ann Taylor Wood, a senior exercise science major from Demopolis, Alabama. “She’s a tremendous teacher that cares a lot about her students, and she raises interest in academia inside and outside the classroom.” 

Photo by University Relations

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