Altercation at Trojan Dining

by: Devin Smith

Thursday evening several male students, some of which were members of the football team, were suspended after an altercation that took place outside of Trojan Dining.

The suspension is temporary pending a hearing, and all students must remain off campus until it takes place.

Dean of Students Herb Reeves said law enforcement and campus officials spoke with both parties earlier in the day after a separate fight took place inside of Trojan Dining.

“They were specifically told, ‘No more problems’, so we are going to eliminate that problem,” said Reeves. “We are going to send them to the house. So that is what I am doing right now, sending them to the house. This type of behavior is not going to be tolerated on this campus.”

According to Reeves the situation arose last week.

It is believed that today a woman was involved and had been speaking to each group about members of the opposite group, leading to the fight inside of Trojan Dining.

Today in the Dining Hall they confronted each other at lunch,” said Reeves. “Words were exchanged, one thing led to another and a punch was thrown.”

After the initial punch was thrown roughly seven more people joined in according to Reeves.

Freshman Mackinnon Deoorme, a human service major from Montgomery, Alabama, is a resident of Alumni Hall and witnessed the fight as it took place.

“It kind of moved from the cafeteria line initially,” said Deoorme. “They got over to the tables and glass plates started getting broke, like hitting people. Some guy picked up a chair and was trying to hit some guy with it.”

Then later in the day the two groups confronted each other again near the parking lot beside Alumni Hall and Trojan Dining, leading to the suspensions.

Troy University Police Chief John McCall said that at this time no criminal charges have been brought against those who are involved at this time, and no names have been released.



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