An Interview with Sean Freeman

by Kris Harrell

A Troy alumnus is finding big success in the film industry. In an interview with Trojan Living editor Kris Harrell, Sean Freeman discussed his latest role in a recently released movie, “Boxed In,” and the process behind it. [SHE1] 

In his latest production, “Boxed In,” Freeman plays the smooth-talking boxer, Tuga.  Freeman sais the artistic choices he made during filming, and the difference between himself and Tuga added to the challenges he faced. 

“I knew that the type of character was going to require me to morph a little bit,” Freeman said. “The way that I spoke, my demeanor, and my posture was different. So being mindful not to sound like myself when I’m in the middle of a scene. 

“Those artistic choices, those things kind of kept me up at night, but it was really dope to see it all come to fruition, and it was believable.”

While only having eight days to film the movie, Freeman shares that despite the time constraints, Freeman embraced the challenges that came along the way. 

“I’m a Taurus so I like challenges in that way,” Freeman said. “The arrogant part of me comes out a little bit like, ‘I got eight days I can do this.’ Then I get on set and I was nervous as crap. We worked around the clock and I was still kind of learning lines on set. And we were just hoping for the best. 

“But everybody who was involved kind of bought their best attitude and their best work ethic for so it was really dope to actually shoot it.” 

In addition to his mission, Freeman aims to be a role model to Black Americans who come from the same background as him. 

“It’s a responsibility that I don’t take lightly to give people from where I’m from, with my same skin color, yet another example of what can be accomplished and achieved beyond sports or comedy,” Freeman said.

“For them to be like ‘Ah! We also have the arts, we have someone who looks like us who’s entering that business, too,’” Freeman said. “It just makes it all the more possible.”

For students thinking of entering the film industry, Freeman warns to “know what the heck you’re signing up for.”

“Know that it is not a walk in the park and it is a huge sacrifice,” Freeman said. “But if it is in your heart, and if it is your life’s desire to just try it out; for the sake of trying it, for the sake of living a fulfilling life and not living with any regrets. I say go for it. 

“Just be mindful of how you go about it. That’s all.”

“Boxed In” is now streaming on Peacock, and soon to be on Netflix and Hulu beginning Dec. 1.

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