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Faith Karwacki
Perspectives Editor


Student protesters gathered on the Trojan Center Quad Tuesday to hand out anti-war literature and promote creative, non-violent opposition to the devastation caused by war.

The protest, held by the Troy University Students For Liberty, also hosted an art contest that awarded the best anti-war illustration with a $10 Milky Moos gift card.

The gift card was awarded to Catherine Baughn, a senior art and design major from Madison, for her drawing.

Quinton Marshall, a sophomore art major from Troy, participated in the art contest by drawing Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker video game.

“The way he looks blowing with the wind represents freedom to me,” said Marshall.

Hannah Favre, the president of Students for Liberty and a senior psychology major from Tallassee said, “War is devastation. Not only does it devastate those who are directly participating in it, but it has far reaching impacts as well. War negatively impacts people who disagree with it, as well as the economy and environment we all must live and participate in. For these reasons, it is imperative we must all take part in standing up for our freedoms by encouraging peaceful means to our ends.

“War is coercion on behalf of all.”

When asked why he chose to participate in the protest, Brad McGlawn, a senior computer science major from Calera, said, “Thousands of children are dying in wars being waged by the United States around the world. People can blow numbers and statistics off as though it’s nothing, but each individual has a face, a family and a life. They deserve the chance to live without hellfire missiles being rained down on them.”

The anti-war protest won’t be the only protest the Students for Liberty plan on hosting. Plans for a protest on the war on drugs are also in the making.

You can find out more about participating in these protests and joining the Troy University Students for Liberty by attending their weekly meetings that are held every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Johnson Center Library.

The Troy University Students for Liberty can also be contacted on their Facebook group of the same name.

“We are an organization dedicated to spreading the message of free markets and free minds through peace and liberty,” said Favre.

“We aren’t affiliated with any political candidate, although we are predominately libertarian. That being said, we encourage people from all systems of thought.”


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