Anyone can be a warrior

Lilly Casolaro

Staff Writer

The iconic Warrior Spirit of Troy University has recently expanded beyond television commercials and audio ads to allow anyone to become a warrior.

Recently launched was the Trojan Warrior Spirit marketing campaign that allows one to take a snapshot of him or herself and instantly become ‘masked’ as part Trojan Warrior. It was first introduced March 24, 2014 but was jump-started September 3, 2014.

According to “No matter what you want to be, we can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. That’s the warrior spirit, and it’s alive and well at Troy University.” The opportunity to join the Trojan Warrior Spirit is available to all.

Derrick Brewster, assistant dean of student services, said the Trojan Warrior Spirit revolves around the campus’ international population and the ability of diverse individuals to work together to achieve a common goal.

The Troy University Facebook Page encourages all to share their Trojan Warrior Spirit by adding a Trojan Warrior Spirit helmet to a photo, and sharing it on social media. Sharing and spreading the Trojan Warrior Spirit is one aim of the campaign.

Bairon Francisco, a freshman exercise science major from Fort Payne, said that embracing this spirit is a vital part of attending Troy University and He plans to ‘warrior’ himself to further display this attitude.

“If you go to Troy, you better have Trojan Warrior Spirit,” said Francisco.

To share your Trojan Warrior Spirit, visit and #TROYUspirit on social media.

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