Arboretum Receives $25,000 Donation

by Cailey Wright

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama made a $25,000 donation to Troy University’s Arboretum restoration project, which was the largest gift the biology department has received. 

“This is extraordinary,” said Dr. Alvin Diamond, the arboretum director and a biology professor in the Biology and Environmental Sciences Department. “It’s going to go a long way and it’s also going to help us as seed money to get other donations.”

 The money will go towards restoring a major part of the facility that went into disrepair and toward expanding resources for students. 

Diamond said that the donation will help fund a bridge that leads to the island in Mullis Pond and also a floating dock area for students to safely get out on the water to do sampling.

 “It’s also going to help us to buy some plants to create a wetland area which will be used in the botany classes,” Diamond said.  

Robert Burns, a representative with Hyundai, said the company was excited about the opportunity to help Troy University with a project like the Arboretum restoration.  

“Contributing to the Troy University Foundation and [the] arboretum is an important part of our pillars here with our corporate social responsibility efforts with Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama,” Burns said. “It takes care of not only education but environmental aspects of it.” 

He added that it is wonderful to contribute to the project because it helps build a relationship between Troy University and Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama.

“I think this is an opportunity for us to maybe have a longer partnership with Troy University and support education and the environment,” Burns said.  

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