Are Trojan Dining, Center too crowded?

Larry Willis
Staff Writer

Overcrowding in Trojan Center and the Trojan Dining Hall has become an issue for some students on campus. Mindy Jones, a sophomore computer science major from Sylacauga, said the food court area in the Trojan Center is usually crowded in the morning.

“From around 9 a.m. until noon, it’s nearly impossible to get food in the TC,” she said.

Jones said the first few weeks in the Trojan Center and the dining hall are usually hectic.

Jeremy Hilson, a junior broadcast journalism major from Birmingham, said he believes the Trojan Center and the dining hall are always busy because they are popular places to eat on campus.

“The increase of enrollment has definitely contributed to those places,” Hilson said.

Hilson said he believes the dining hall staff and Trojan Center employees prepare and serve food in a timely manner, and he encourages students to eat there before noon and in the afternoon in order to avoid a long wait.

Sitting beside strangers in Trojan Center or the dining hall due to overcrowding can be an awkward situation, but some students see it as an opportunity to branch out and meet new people.

I believe the university is working hard to ensure that every student is served in a timely manner.

Ben Strong, a senior music education major from Sylacauga, said he sees the idea of having to sit beside strangers in Trojan Center or in the dining hall as a terrific opportunity to meet fellow students.

Sabin Magar, a freshman communication major from Kathmandu, Nepal, also believes the overcrowding in Trojan Center and the dining hall provides students with opportunities to meet new people.

“It’s a great place to meet new faces rather than to just sit next to them and having nothing to say,” Magar said.

Nathaniel Dennis, a junior business major from Atmore, does not believe that the Trojan Center is overcrowded.

“The lines can be long at times, but I feel that the staff does their best at trying to keep the lines down,” Dennis said. “I think they do a pretty good job, considering that they are preparing the food at the same time.”

I personally believe the overcrowded areas in Trojan Center’s food court area and the dining hall are a result of the increase in enrollment, which is due to the new residence hall that was recently opened.

However, I believe hiring more workers in those specific areas may be beneficial to the employees working there and the Troy University students who eat there.

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