Are you registered to vote?

Cassie Gibbs
Assistant News Editor

The Pike County Board of Registrars will be on campus Wednesday, April 23, to help assist with those who would like to register to vote.
This event is preparing for the primary elections coming up in June.
This election will help decide which candidate will represent the Republican and Democratic parties in the general election.
“Voting is a right that people have,” Benny Scarbrough, chair of the Pike County Board of Registrars, said.
“Our country depends on it, our state depends on it, our county depends on it and our city depends on it for people to exercise their rights.”
Scarbrough believes that everyone should register to vote.
Voter registration will close on May 23, ten days before the primary elections.
Registration to vote in the general election will close 14 days before the election in November.
According to Alabama Voter Guide, you must be registered to vote in order to vote in any primary or general election.
To be eligible to vote, a person must be “a citizen of the United States; resides in Alabama; is at least 18 years old on or before election day; has not been barred from voting due to a disqualifying felony conviction; and has not been declared mentally incompetent by a court.”
When arriving at the polling place, voters will have to present a valid form of ID.
This can include a valid driver’s license, military ID, or a US passport.
The Board of Registrars also offers a free Alabama photo voter ID card to use as a valid form of ID.
This year, the primary elections are being held on June 3.
This election will decide which candidates will represent the Democratic or Republican parties for each office in the general elections.
In the general election, which will be held on November 4, many state offices from governor to district attorneys will be voted on.
Various county offices and U.S. Senate and House of Representatives offices will also be voted on in the general election.

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