Armed Robbery Case Hits Standstill

The armed robbery case has hit a standstill according to the Troy Campus Police Department.

There has not been any sufficient evidence to move the case forward at this time.

“We can’t complete it until we can find the third person,” Chief John McCall said. “We’ve gone back and talked to a couple of our suspects, but we don’t have much evidence when it comes to finding the third suspect.”

The first suspect was a 14-year-old boy, who has already been tried and convicted.

He went to court for a detention hearing and when he got to court he pleaded guilty and asked if he could go ahead and start his sentence.

He has been in juvenile detention since his conviction.

The second suspect is currently at the Pike County Jail with a bond of $70,000.

He is in his early twenties and has been unable to make his bond.

The twenty year old has been in the Pike County Jail since a week after the armed robbery.

He will remain in jail until his bond is made or he gets a trial date.

It is still unknown as to who had the two weapons.

According to the victim, two out of three people had weapons and one of the two people had a gun.

The 14-year-old has said he did not have a gun and the adult in custody is not talking to the police so there has not been reason to say that he had a weapon.

To insure that incidents like this one do not happen again, cameras have been installed behind Alumni and have been successful already when it came to solving other cases for the Troy Campus Police Department.

“It has been a welcomed edition to our security,” McCall said.

McCall has revealed plans for another camera to be placed on Bibb Graves that overlooks the main quad but it has yet to be done.

In hopes to maintain the safety of the campus, four new student security officers have been added to the night security team.

An old golf cart has also been rebuilt so that another security officer can be present on campus at night.

The police department is glad to say there have not been any reports yet as severe as the robbery, which took place on February 4.

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