Armed Robbery on Troy Campus

by: Karli Mauldin

An armed robbery took place at Troy University behind Alumni Hall on Monday, Feb. 4 at 7:40 p.m.

A 20 year-old male student was walking into his dorm at Alumni Hall when three category-one males, who were described to be within ages 18-20 but did not appear to be students, approached him.

As they drew nearer, the men indicated they had weapons and demanded all of the student’s personal property, which included a small amount of cash, a cellphone and other personal items.

“The thieves were last seen fleeing on foot in between Alumni Hall and Stuart Hall,” Chief McCall said. “We have several witnesses in the area before the robbery, but no one other than the victim actually saw the robbery take place.”

Because the back of Alumni Hall does not have a camera system nor are there any on the side of Stuart Hall, the robbery nor the thieves were caught on camera.

Officers are currently still looking for evidence of the three men on campus through the other camera systems.

“We don’t have any tips or leads so far, but we’ve joined forces with the Troy city police and trying to develop suspects right now so hopefully this will lead to an arrest or information on the case very soon,” McCall said.

To increase the safety and security on campus, Chief McCall explained there will be a larger presence of officers on campus especially in areas where the cameras are not and new cameras will be placed behind Alumni Hall along with other locations on campus.

Because of this new case, Chief McCall has started a new system for students, faculty and staff to contact the police department anonymously through a text message.

To send an anonymous message to the chief, text TROJANTIP to 50911 along with your information that you may have involving this case or another event that has occurred on campus.

McCall wants to remind students to be safe at this time especially, as you always should be.

He gave tips such as travel in pairs at night in well-lighted areas, keep your door locked and check to see who is at the door before answering it, let at least one person know where you are, keep your vehicle locked at all times and if anyone or anything seems suspicious, do not hesitate to call the police department.

“The three robbers were supposedly not students and if someone would have let us know that it was suspicious this might not have ever happened,” said McCall. “You never know what one phone call could prevent.”

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