Ascending: A Spring Dance Concert to be performed on April 11 & 12

Madison Griggs
Staff Writer

A lot of thought, hard work, and even more rehearsals have led up to Troy’s Ascending: A Spring Dance Concert.  It’s been a collaboration of Troy’s own Nikki Loud and Tracy Dillon, Troy’s longest running contemporary/modern dance choreographer, as well as guest choreographers that were flown in from other states to contribute their ideas.
“We dove into it in early January, and I’ve been working on it ever since,” Nikki Loud said. All of their hard work will pay off on April 11 and 12 at 7:30 p.m. in the Trojan Center Theater.
“We want the audience to know and see the different faces of dance. It’s a very well rounded show. And we want them to see how much our dancers have grown.” Loud has worked on college campuses before, but not for this length of time.
“It’s not just a one or two day experience. I’m involved with these kids’ lives everyday while they’re figuring out who they are.” As far as projects Loud has worked on before, this one has been especially rewarding for her.
“The biggest thing I wanted for the kids was to work with people outside of Troy.” And the Troy dance students got just that with the help of several out-of-state choreographers. One thing to definitely be expected of this semester’s dance show is the diversity.
“I want the audience to watch one number, then get to the next one and think, ‘I’m not bored, I could do this all night.’”
Tickets are still on sale at the Troy box office, but seats are filling up fast for both shows so don’t wait — this semester’s dance show is sure to be different than any show done before at Troy.

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