BCM’s ‘Coffee House’ event draws talent

Lirona Joshi

Staff Writer

Offering a break from the hustle of the semester, the Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) of Troy organized a talent show and open mic event on Thursday, Sept. 27. 

Student performances included a juggling act, musical performances and blindfolded drumming, among others.

“We had about 10 people sign up originally, but by the end we had more people just go up on stage after watching everybody else just do their thing — they just wanted to have fun and perform,” said Maria Picado, a sophomore biomedical sciences major from Fairhope and the event planner. 

“That’s what happens in the end — we basically have an open mic.”

For Lilian Gatheca, a junior nursing major from Karatina, Kenya, the event provided an opportunity to showcase a unique one-hand juggling that is typical to her home country.

“It was actually fun; I take myself too seriously at times, but this time it was like, ‘you know what?’ You can goof around sometimes,” Gatheca said. “It got me to get out of my comfort zone.”

Among the unique talents showcased was the blindfolded drumming act by Perry Metzler, a senior hospitality management major from Atmore.

“People were surprised that I could play blindfolded,” Metzler said. “But honestly it wasn’t that hard. 

“Like most instruments, playing drum is pretty much muscle memory, so once you know the set — I have played on that drum set a lot — it’s a lot easier to know what you are hitting and where.  Sometimes I play it in the dark just for fun, so I knew I could do it blindfolded.”

Metzler described the event as a good outlet for people to share their talents and get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere. He also said it was a good place for people who have not been involved to check out the BCM.

The Coffee House is organized by BCM once every fall semester and has served as an outlet for people to share their talents and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere.

Picado said the event serves as an icebreaker for many students to socialize.

“It’s just about letting loose and letting people know the person you are and your personality and to express yourself in that way,” Picado said.  

Gatheca said she was able to connect with someone she may not have otherwise had the opportunity to.

“I actually met a girl after my performance and got to ask her how she was adjusting to college as a freshman,” Gatheca said.

The BCM will be hosting a public worship night on the main quad Oct. 9.

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