Behind T-Roy

by Kris Harrell Photos by Tilley Dombroski

Whether he’s cheering on one of our many Trojan sports teams, or having fun with the students on the quad, this Trojan goes above and beyond for Troy University and loves every second of it. 

T-Roy came to Troy University in the mid 1980’s as the full-time student and mascot of the Trojans. During his stay here, he’s been taking classes, going to games, and hanging around Troy just like any other student. 

He starts out his day by waking up in Trojan Arena and spends most of his time there when he’s not out and about with other students. 

However, he really loves to be an active part in the Troy community. Interacting and having fun with Troy students is one of his favorite things to do. 

Just this past Friday, T-Roy was spotted in Professor Stefanie East’s class, trying to get some last-minute notes for his midterm, even though he was in the wrong class. 

He still enjoyed his time with the students, and was more than happy to pose for a few selfies. 

One of T-Roy’s favorite ways to interact with Troy students is by acting as the Trojans’ mascot. T-Roy was a shoe-in to be the mascot since he is one of the university’s biggest fans. 

He also goes through a summer camp to help hone his talents to become the best mascot this side of the United States. This past summer, he got closer to his dreams, by winning first place for leadership for the second year in a row. 

T-Roy is the pure definition of a Jack of all trades, master of none. However, he still believes that he is one of the greatest in any sport he sets his mind to. In his eyes, he is the team captain and steps into any position needed by Troy sports teams.

Like any other fan, he wakes up, showers, eats a hearty helping of his favorite food (fried chicken), and gets ready for the excitement that’s coming his way. 

He preps his dance moves before heading out onto the field to be the number one hype man. 

He loves being out on the field, however he also loves making Trojans smile and laugh, and being able to do crazy things that not everyone can do. 

The gentle giant of Troy, T-Roy loves to give high fives, hugs, and always tries to be approachable and as friendly as possible. 

To him, it’s all about giving them the best experience and something to leave with them, whether that be a picture or a memory. 

With homecoming on the horizon, T-Roy is insanely excited to play Texas State. 

In order to prep, T-Roy has been texting Texas State’s mascot, Boko the Bobcat, and has picked out some fancy clothes to wear. He hopes to match with Coach Jon Sumrall for this eventful evening, with a nice blazer T-Roy’s friends have picked out. 

He hopes to see some new and old friends, and is more than excited for the day to finally arrive. 

And like each game, T-Roy thinks the world of the football team, and predicts they will blow Texas State out of the water with a 40-point victory. 

T-Roy may be this larger-than-life figure out on the field, but in reality, he’s just a student like the rest of us.

And to all of the Trojans that cheer alongside T-Roy, he wants to say thank you, and to keep it up. 

To those that want to help T-Roy cheer on the Trojans, don’t hesitate to join the Friends of T-Roy. Email Coach Nic Laracuente.

However, if you wish to cheer on T-Roy from the sidelines, check him out on Twitter, @TroyTheMascot, and on Instagram, @T_RoyofTroy

This article was written for the purposes of entertainment.

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