Bike share program will begin in fall semester

Asem Abdelfattah

Staff Writer

In an effort to create and foster a bike culture in Troy, Dean of Student Services Herbert Reeves announced that Troy University is partnering with a bike-sharing service provider called Spin.

Reeves said he is in the final stages of implementing this new partnership, which would launch to all students, faculty, staff and community members this fall.

“We have been working on this for a while now, and we are in the final stages of implementation,” Reeves said. “The bikes will be located around campus, in some of the major apartment complexes and in downtown Troy.”

Reeves said the company will be providing the bikes along with some of the infrastructure for them.

“The company will furnish the bikes for us at no cost to the university,” Reeves said. “They will also provide us with some of the racks for it.

“They will hire about six students to help manage the inventory and a bike mechanic to make sure all bikes are always in good shape.”

Reeves explained some of the benefits of this particular bike.

“These bikes have built-in locks for when they are not in use,” Reeves said. “All you need to use it is your phone to scan the code and it unlocks itself.

“It has a built-in GPS, so you could find the nearest bike to you using a mobile application, and it runs on solar power. Users can pick up the bike from anywhere, and they can pay for it using any type of digital payment. It is only 50 cents/hour or $50 for the whole year, so it is very cost effective and convenient.”

According to its website,, Spin is in 18 cities and 30 college campuses with over 30,000 bikes and 700,000 rides. The bike is 3-speed with solar-powered front and back lights. It runs on 26-inch wheels with an adjustable seat and has a smart lock with a GPS system.

Reeves said he is now in talks with the city of Troy about adding bike lanes to roads on and off campus for added safety and convenience.

According to Alex Reynolds, a sophomore nursing major from Dothan and a member of the Student Government Association’s Student Welfare Committee, this new program would have a great impact on students.

“I think riding a bike to school is a very efficient and convenient way to get to school and in between classes,” Reynolds said. “Biking is also better than driving because you get an exercise out of it too.

“This new bike program Dean Reeves announced would be a great alternative, especially to students who do not own cars or have classes at odd times.”

Reynolds also said the university is adding “three new bike racks for regular bikes as per the recommendation of the Student Welfare Committee.”

Jahaan Bharucha, a junior sports management major from Pune, India, sees many benefits to the new program.

“I enjoy biking to school and work almost every day,” Bharucha said. “It’s fast, convenient, no parking worries and it is also an exercise.

“I’m happy Troy is going into that direction. I see how many people would benefit from this.”

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