Bikes and scooters can be hazards to disabled students

Ora Nelson

Staff Writer

Although students may find Spin bikes or scooters in interesting places, displaced bikes or scooters could cause problems for students with physical disabilities.

Some have seen bikes and scooters in places like elevators and in the middle of walkways.

“I’ve noticed them everywhere,” said Sabrina Foster, a coordinator of residence life in housing. “The issue for me is when they’re in the middle of a walkway or on a handicap ramp. 

“We (Troy) have students with disabilities that live in the residence halls and some cannot move the bicycle or scooter that’s blocking the path.”

Foster said those in wheelchairs, people with visual impairments or even families with children could have issues with bikes and scooters stuck in odd places.

When a bike or scooter is blocking the path of someone with a physical disability, it becomes a struggle for the student to maneuver around it.

“There’s some times when I’m not really paying attention, and all of a sudden, a scooter comes upon me,” said Josh McInnish, who is visually impaired and a senior music industry major and multimedia journalism minor from Cowarts. 

Anna Laura Kirchharr, the person in charge of the marketing campaign for Spin bikes in Troy University Transportation Services, promises more bike racks in the future.

“I definitely think there should be drop off and pick up zones across campus.” said Edward White, a freshman history education major from Ozark.

Foster calls for more awareness from other students and more designated zones around campus. 

“I just want students to be aware that not everyone can move things out of the way,” Foster said. “It’s just being considerate to others.” 

Ariella Steinhorn, a Spin representative, reminded students that bike and scooter parking can be rated through the app.

“Spin is committed to providing increased education on parking, and we welcome feedback from all students to ensure vehicles are not blocking the way,” she said.

Students can also request a bike or scooter to be moved by calling the number on the vehicle or by pressing the “!” button in the app.

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