Bio-Medical Science Degree Offered this Fall

by: James Banks

This fall Troy University will be offering a new post-baccalaureate Biomedical Certificate program in the College of Arts and Science. The university will be offering a post-baccalaureate program for students.

It is now common for students to attend a one or two year program to further their education applying to a professional school program.

The certificate is a one year, 21 hour course curriculum. Seven of the twenty-one hours is a gross anatomy course that will be taught in Dothan at the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Dean of the College of Arts and Science, James Rinehart, is proud to offer the program in the fall. The development of the program has been in the process for over a year. By communicating with the other schools and institutions, this degree was formed.


Now, it is becoming very competitive in the graduate medical programs, as well as law schools. It is no longer about high GPA’s and letters of reference. Graduate and professional schools are looking at the applicant as a person.

“A person having a medical degree, or any degree, is seen as a role model for society,” said Dean Rinehart.

It is often of value for students to spend one more year staying at a university maturing more. Some other courses the one year certificate will offer are neuroscience, medical microbiology/immunology, medical physiology and medical cell biology.


With the one year certificate in bio-medical science students will be prepared to apply to graduate and/or professional schools.  The seven hour gross anatomy class will be taught at a real medical school.

This opportunity is so that students can learn the reality of what it takes to be in medical school. The University of Alabama in Birmingham is ranked one of the top 10 for America’s best graduate schools.


It is the college’s intent to offer a two year program as well. It has yet to have been approved by Alabama Commission of Higher Education.

The two year program would consist of 36 hours, and students will receive Masters of Science in Bio-Medical Science. Students pursuing the two year degree will also have to take the seven hour gross anatomy course.


A number of students have shown interest in the program as well. If interested in the program, visit the the College of Arts and Science.

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