Board Game Alliance offers relaxing space for students

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Kenton Arrington


When clubs are mentioned, a typical thought is that members will have responsibilities they must fulfill on top of all their classwork for that week. 

However, Gabrielle Conyers is the treasurer of the Board Game Alliance and said it is an environment created to help students relax.

The Alliance first began with a newfound passion for modern board games from the founders Chase Lucius, Madalyn Bond and Gabrielle Conyers.

“We quickly started growing a (board game) collection and playing as much as possible,” said Conyers, a senior accounting major from Ashford, Alabama.

“Then one afternoon, we just thought, ‘Why not start a club and share this fun with people across campus?’” 

The club started the following year in September of 2018 and has a regular group of 20 people. 

“The meetings are really fun!” Conyers said. “Each meeting has a different theme to it.”

Meetings are not required of members but are highly encouraged after a long week of class to take a day to relax. 

There are no club dues or fees, so joining is completely risk-free and is just a way to get students involved.

Unlike other organizations on campus, the pandemic has not stopped club activities in any major way.

“The pandemic has not negatively affected the meetings,” Conyers said. “(It has) just changed a few details.” 

Masks must be worn properly, and the room is rearranged to accommodate social distancing. There are bottles of hand sanitizer in the room, which members are heavily encouraged to use. 

“The Board Game Alliance is open to everyone to come and just have fun,” Conyers said. 

“Even if you don’t like traditional board games or have never played a board game before, there is more than likely a few modern board games perfect for you.” 

Students can attend meetings every Sunday in Patterson 205 from 7-9 p.m. 

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