“Boxed In” A Change in Perspective

by Tilley Dombroski

“Boxed In” is a movie made up of a small cast, but a movie that will make you look at life differently. 

It follows the storyline of a teenage girl whose sole purpose is to be the best boxer on the circuit, until she learns there is more to life. 

The following review contains spoilers of the movie, read with caution.

 Ria, the main character, was raised by a single mother who is trying her best to get by. Ria was getting into unsanctioned boxing fights, pursuing her passion and perceived purpose in life. This eventually led her mother to make a drastic decision. 

Her mother drops Ria off at her father in law’s home, hoping he can set Ria off on the right path. 

I initially thought it was strange for a mother to do this, but as the movie continued, I realized she was doing what she thought was the right thing for her, and not just giving up. 

Before Ria gets to his home, the audience learns that Pa, Ria’s grandfather, is dying of cancer with a three-to-four-month life expectancy, which he doesn’t share with anyone. When Ria gets there, she and Pa get off on a rocky start because of her attitude; that is until Ria learns more about her father – including the fact that he was a skilled boxer. 

With this information Ria realizes why her mother did not like her boxing; it reminded her mother so much of her father, which was too painful for her. Her mother and Pa blame and resent each other because of the death of Ria’s dad. Will they learn to forgive each other or will there always be that disconnect? 

Ria and Pa bonded over boxing and music, and Ria starts to see there is more to life than just boxing. She learns other things worth fighting for. Meanwhile, the audience watches as Pa’s cancer affects him and his health declines. 

Pa agrees to train Ria the right way to box with the aid of his helping hand, Tuga. Tuga and Ria hit it off and we get to watch them fall in love at the same time as Ria excels in boxing. 

We learn that Tuga has a dark past that he is working to overcome, and our past often has a way of catching up to us when we least expect it to. Just as it catches up to Tuga, it results in Pa’s death, which leads to an immense amount of betrayal and a struggle for forgiveness. 

The struggle for forgiveness and reconciliation is a path for many of the characters in this movie.

As the movie ends, we see Ria grow in her relationship with her mother, Pa, and Tuga. She also fully realizes there is more to life than just boxing; she sees there is love, faith, passion, and so much more.

This movie helped me see life a little differently and I would 100% watch it again. 

Rating: 9/10

“A rollercoaster of emotions, but in a good way.”

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