Brothers create ‘Tribe Clothing’

( Photo / Coby Daniel )

Shun Goins is a junior physical education major from Birmingham, Alabama. Goins and his brother, Deon Mayes, started their own business, Tribe Clothing, in August 2019.


Coby Daniel


Everything starts with a foundation. Whether it is architecture, gardening, or debating, there needs to be a developing centerpiece. Creating a brand that turns into a Tribe is no different.

Shun Goins, a junior physical education major, vice president of 101 Elite Men, and the co-founder of Tribe Clothing, created Tribe with his brother Deon Mayes in August 2019.

“(We) really just were T-shirts and a hat,” Goins said. “We started and wanted to see where this goes.”

The brothers have been discussing a way to make money quickly since their high school days in Birmingham, Alabama. However, living situations caused a bit of a creative pause since Goins is a student at Troy University, and Mayes is in the Air Force, stationed in Illinois. Even though these two are the owners, they are not the only members of Tribe.

“I  have a small team down here (in Troy) that helps with videos and photoshoots,” Goins said.

Most of Tribe’s members are in Troy, but they’re are some in Illinois, as well. Goins stated multiple times that building a support group to go along with the brand has helped with the expansion of Tribe.

Even though the idea of the brothers creating something together was planned years ago, Goins said he did not have an interest in entrepreneurship until he came to Troy.

“It’s been plenty of things I want to do besides pursuing just an education,” Goins said. “I wanted to have my own podcast with guests, but this, (Tribe) really hit me by surprise.”

The brothers have built a brand over the past six months from an idea (and failed names , such as S.W.A.G, which Goins said he regrets), to a white T-shirt with the Tribe logo on it and a black baseball cap. Now the merchandise has expanded into multiple T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats and wristbands – all in various colors. Even though Tribe is steadily rising as a brand, there are goals that Goins said he is looking forward to in 2020.

“I want it to go a little bit more,” Goins said. “I want Tribe to go to other schools and network with other students who are trying to do their own thing.”

Goins also states that he wants to create a YouTube channel to go along with the brand’s new website the brothers are getting ready to premiere this year.

However, the end goal for Tribe is to give back to the community that support the brand.

“We started here [Troy], and people supported us, so we want to give back to them as well,” Goins said.

Goins said he views Troy as the roots that allowed Tribe to become what it is now. Without building from a solid foundation, the branches of Tribe might not have sprouted, dwindling as fast as it arrived. Goins’ business and success show that planting a seed isn’t enough; watering and nurturing the roots help grow a Tribe.

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