Campus police set speed traps for e-scooters

Pradyot Sharma

Opinion Editor

The University police have set up speed traps across campus to bust students going over 15 mph on the newly available e-scooters.

While police claim these measures are meant to ensure the safety of students and staff alike, the initiative’s main purpose is to ensure students don’t run over the squirrels on campus.

A spokesperson for the department said, “These animals were here long before the sixth-year seniors and will be here long after they finally graduate.”

The university police have managed to get free speedometers and speed limit signs from the local police at no cost to help with this initiative.

The city also issued a statement saying the bumpy roads on campus, which have been around for years, were designed to help ensure students don’t speed.

The most frequent perpetrators, however, have surprisingly been the vice chancellors who were stopped on University Avenue going 20 mph. It is understood they were just trying to make it to meetings at the Adams Administration building.

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