Campus safety precautions discussed

Sydney Taylor

Security issues that students face were discussed at the annual campus safety meeting on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 in Claudia Crosby Theater.
The event was hosted by Residence Hall Association and the department of housing and residence life.
John McCall, chief of university police, introduced a new program titled Trojan Tip.
This program allows students to directly and anonymously text McCall with any tips related to campus safety.
Students can text their emergency tip to the number 50911. However, if students want to be contacted, they must also include their personal information.
“We want this to be a safe, fantastic year, and it all starts with you,” McCall said.
He specified that there are 16 officers, nine security personnel, two traffic officers, and over 350 cameras on campus and in the community in place to help maintain Troy students’ safety.
According to Holly Ammons, a senior graphic design major from Geneva and president of RHA, one of the main concerns that RHA has seen students face is walking alone at night.
“What we’re really pushing for is for students to walk with groups in well-lit areas,” Ammons said. “Another thing I see a lot, as a resident assistant, is residents letting strangers into the dorms because they’re trying to be polite, but you never know who you’re letting in.”
After reports of recent car burglaries on campus as well as the harassment of a Troy student, Danny Barron, captain of Troy Police Department’s patrol division, urged students to lock their vehicles at all times whether they are in the car or not.
Fire safety was another topic of discussion at the meetings. While many students have recently complained of early morning fire drills, speakers advised students to not become complacent and to always treat these drills seriously.
“To be honest, no one loves 7 a.m. fire drills, but I understand why they are in place,” said Ashley Sulzby, a freshman multimedia journalism major from Montgomery. “If anything bad were actually to happen, at least we’re becoming prepared early on.”
McCall also urged students to drink responsibly and avoid harming oneself or others by alcohol abuse.
“The No. 1 thing that improves every issue is being aware of yourself and your surroundings,” Ammons said. “Know who you’re letting in the door. Know that your car is secure. Know where the well-lit areas on campus are. Know whom to call if there is an emergency. As long as you’re aware, you can be safe.”
Heather Goodson, a freshman with an undeclared major from Panama City, Florida, said the meeting reassured her that the campus is secured.
“I generally feel safe on campus,” Goodson said. “I see police officers almost everywhere I go, which is very comforting. This meeting only helped to make me feel safer.”
Students can call the Troy University Police at 334-670-3215 and the Troy City Police at 334-566-0500 and can use 911 for emergencies.

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