Career fair hosts employers for student job opportunities

Ora Nelson

Staff Writer

Troy had its annual Career Fair on Oct. 17, allowing students to network with potential employers for job and internship opportunities.

“There’s over 50 companies here, and they want to meet students,” said Emily Reiss, a career counselor for Career Services. “We want students to come out so they have networking and professional opportunities, can meet potential employers and ask about internships.”

The Career Fair consisted of booths set up from different companies that came to meet and interact with Troy students. Many students find internships and job opportunities while at the fair.

“This is my fifth career fair at Troy, and I actually got my summer internship at the last career fair,” said Ananyo Chakravarty, a MBA finance graduate student from India. “For those who don’t have proper work experience, I think a career fair gives that platform to find that opportunity to grab it and run with it.”

Anna Katherine Carpenter, from Elk River Treatment Program, encourages students to stay involved and to “not be afraid to go up and talk with people.”

“The more experience you get in college, the more it helps in your professional career, so get out and be hands on with your major,” said Carpenter.

Many career counselors advise students to start preparing as early as the first semester of their freshman year.

“My advice is to get your resume reviewed, because the earlier you start on your resume, the easier it will be when you apply for a job,” said Kelsie Thomas, a graduate assistant in Career Services working on her masters in strategic communication and planning from Birmingham. 

“Work on your resume as you go through college, and get that experience so when you’re a junior or senior you don’t have to hesitate coming to the career fair.”

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