CGI presents for IT Society students

Rakshak Adhikari

Staff Writer

The Information Technology Society organized a presentation on CGI, the multinational IT firm with a base in Troy.

The two-hour presentation was given by Kim Leverett, director of consulting at CGI, Troy, and senior consultant Prabhu Parisa.

In the first part of the presentation, which took place on Tuesday, Oct. 24, Leverett introduced CGI and described the types of services it offers.

“We have taken several Troy graduates in the past years and are looking to hire about five people each in January and June,” said Leverett, who also graduated from Troy.

According to Leverett, the company has offices in 40 countries and provides employment to 70,000 people.

The clients include large companies like L’Oreal and ExxonMobil, as well as the U.S and Canadian governments.

“We also have functional roles that do not require a computer science degree, so, in the past, we have hired math and business majors too,” he added.

Leverett said the organization is diverse in the services it delivers. Because of that, there are a lot of opportunities for promotion and a lot of different fields the employees can decide to work on.

“It is a perfect job for me,” said Shivacharan Reddy, a former graduate computer science student at Troy who is working as a consultant at the Troy branch of CGI. “It is an entry-level position with good pay, and there are so many opportunities to learn and grow.”

“I was pretty impressed with their presentation on Unix operating system,” said Sri Surya Teja Boppana, a graduate computer science major from Vijayawada, India. “I think CGI is a wonderful place, and I would love to work there if I get the opportunity.”

According to Joann Rouse, a lecturer in information systems and the faculty adviser to the Troy IT Society, the IT Society is open to students of all majors, given that computers are pervasive in all fields of academia.

Rouse said that the IT Society organizes events intended to help students with career building, such as mock interviews, resume-building sessions, and tutorials on maintaining business attire.

The society also conducts community service projects, where members go to Colley Senior Complex and help senior citizens with their gadgets.

The society meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month in room 243 of Bibb Graves.

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