Chief addresses concerns over ‘threat’

Haley Middlebrooks

Staff Writer 

Troy’s campus was on alert this week after a letter was found early Monday morning that Troy police said had an unusual tone.

“The letter was vaguely threatening with no specifics, however airing on the side of caution, we have reached out to all the surrounding police force agencies to assist with patrols on campus for the next couple days,”said Troy University Police Chief George Beaudry. 

While officials said they believed there was no credible threat, “campus police would go above and beyond where the safety of students is concerned.”

Beaudry shared there were no specifics included in the letter, only a first name, which University Police investigated.

The letter itself was a very general threat, not aimed toward anyone on campus, nor did it have any time frame.

The building =the letter was found is open to not only students, faculty and staff, but to the outside public as well, according to police.

An email was sent out to inform the campus community Monday, not to cause worry but instead to bring awareness of what is happening on campus Beaudry said.

“There are over 8,000 people on campus every day, so instead of twelve sets of eyes, instead we would 8,000 sets of eyes watching for suspicious activity by alerting the students, faculty and staff,” Beaudry said.

“When situations come up like this, [the community has] to trust the University Police on handling it and to be mindful of what is going on around them.”

Troy University Police contacted the author of the suspicious letter, which helped them confirm there was no threat to campus safety. As of Monday afternoon, the investigation was closed.

If questionable activity is observed on campus, students and faculty can call the University Police at (800) 414- 5756 or 911 to reach help if it is an emergency.

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