Chinese and Vietnamese student associations to celebrate Lunar New Year


Zach Henson

Assistant News Editor

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association and the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) will host Lunar New Year celebrations on Feb. 15 and 16.

Both celebrations will feature traditional performances such as dancing and singing, games and food from each country.

The Lunar New Year marks the beginning of the calendar year in several Asian countries and is widely celebrated by spending time with family.

According to Xiang Yu, a senior marketing major from Shanghai and the president of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, the Chinese New Year celebration will also provide a free gift for all attendees.

The Chinese New Year starts the first day of spring and looks forward to planting the crops that will be harvested in the fall, he explained.

“For us, it’s a very important event ’cause it’s like Christmas to you guys,” Yu said. “It’s the hope; it’s the new year for the Chinese.”

According to Yu, the celebration is a family reunion for everyone.

“As Troy, we are one Trojan, so we are one family, so we can celebrate this festival together,” he said.

Nam Dang, a freshman computer science major from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and emcee of the VSA’s New Year celebration, explained that this is the most important event of the year for the VSA.

“Everyone, from anywhere, will go back to their hometown and spend time with their family,” he said. “That is the most special thing about it.

“Because it’s so important, we have many activities during this event. There’s gonna be traditional and modern dances from purely Vietnamese students at Troy.”

Both organizations invite those from all cultures to attend the New Year events.

“It’s definitely a good opportunity for (those who haven’t experienced a Lunar New Year celebration) to learn about Vietnamese culture,” said Anh Nguyen, a junior accounting major from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and the president of the VSA. “Since it’s the biggest celebration in my country, it means a lot for us to have friends and family to be there to support and celebrate together.”

“I always urge my students to get involved with the students from Vietnam and China to help them celebrate what is their most important family holiday,” said Joe McCall, the faculty adviser for the International Student Cultural Organization, in an email. “I have been abroad during Christmas and know how it can become a lonely time if you are alone in a foreign land.

“By joining our Chinese and Vietnamese students to celebrate their New Year we can learn about their culture but also remind them that we are their home away from home.”

The Chinese New Year Celebration will be at 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 15 in the Trojan Center Ballrooms. Tickets are $10 for students and $15 for non-students and are available in Room 021 in Hawkins Hall, in the Trojan Center during lunch hours or at 334-372-6189.

The Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebration will be at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 16 in the Trojan Center Ballroom. Tickets are $10 for students and $12 for non-students and can be purchased in the international office or by texting 714-768-8629.

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