Chinese New Year

by: James Banks


Photo By: VisarutPawawongsak

On Friday, Feb. 8, Troy University held its annual Chinese New Year for International students. The event was held in the Trojan Center ballrooms

The celebration’s focus was on the year of the black snake, also known as the little dragon. The snake is the sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 animal signs.

Unlike the Western Zodiac which is divided into 12 months, the Asian Zodiac is divided into 12 years. Each year is named after an animal. The Chinese zodiac was also used to tell time and direction long ago.

Speakers at the events included Chancellor Hawkins and Dr. Iris Hong Xu , Director of the Confusious Institute.  Chancellor Hawkins congratulated the Confusuious Institute for being named as one of the top six Institutes in the nation.

He explained American New Year’s resolutions of how every year people set goals for themselves to reach before the end of the year.

With this Chancellor Hawkins proposed a resolution for Troy students, “Be engaged in every access of this university to make all you can of this experience.”

International students performed songs from their culture, entertained with humor and celebrated with enthusiasm.

“This was something completely new to me. It was very nice. I enjoyed it,” said Jabia Howard, a criminal justice major from Greenville, who attended the event. Her highlights of the night included the singing and dancing.

Asian cuisine was also served at the New Year’s celebration.

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