Chinese scholars sent home with ceremony


Abby Taylor

Online Content Editor

Chongqing Normal University (CNU) faculty members have been studying at Troy for 13 weeks in the Teaching Excellence Fellows Program (TEFP) to increase their understanding of the United States.

A closing ceremony was held on Thursday, Feb. 8, for faculty members from CNU along with their faculty mentors from Troy.

Katona Weddle, a lecturer in the English department and faculty mentor, said the closing ceremony was bittersweet.

The ceremony included a reflection of the program from Curtis Porter, senior international officer, and a keynote address from Earl Ingram, senior vice chancellor for academic affairs.

Ting Cao, a CNU fellow, spoke at the closing ceremony about her time in the TEFP.

“It is a closing point and a starting point for me,” she said.

Cao said she learned a lot from her experience in Troy and was excited to go back to her colleagues at CNU.

“I will share my learning with my colleagues, and I will share what I’ve seen here,” Cao said.

Weddle mentored Cao throughout the TEFP and said she enjoyed the experience.

“It was wonderful to work with my mentee,” Weddle said. “It’s been wonderful to learn more about education in China.

“This ceremony is sad because it means the end, and it’s happy because we had the opportunity (to mentor students).”

Weddle said she is glad that CNU fellows can share what they have learned throughout the program.

“I’m also very happy that she (Cao) is going to be able to go home and take some newfound knowledge,” Weddle said.

Dionne Mims, associate dean and program manager for TEFP, said she was sad to see the fellows leave.

“The closing ceremony is a little bit bittersweet, but it’s also symbolic of the future relationship that we (Troy) have with Chongqing Normal University,” Mims said.

Mims said she enjoyed the program and plans on pairing in the future with CNU.

“We’re going to send more faculty to that (Chongqing) institution,” Mims said.

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