Choosing the housing situation that suits you

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 Zhifei Zheng, a broadcast journalism major from Yangzhou, China, who was a sophomore in the spring, studies in his dorm room in Gardner Hall.


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Troy University’s housing service can help students solve problems. But students also have advice — about the merits of various dorms, what you need, what to do, and life on campus and off. 

“I’m very satisfied with Hamil Hall, where I don’t have to clean the toilets and bathrooms, and there are washing machines on every floor,” said Lu Shi, an accounting major from Shenzhen, China, who was a sophomore in the spring. “And the RA (resident assistant) here is very friendly and very helpful.

“In my opinion, I think the necessities of dormitory life are clothes rack, washing machine, dryer, kettle, cabinet, desk, cups and so on.” 

Daily dorm life

Zhongyuan Gu, a general business major from Suzhou, China, who was a sophomore in the spring, describes his dorm, Pace Hall, as “OK, with the kitchen, air conditioning and bathroom. I think the daily life of the dormitory needs a kettle, Wi-Fi, paper towels, kitchenware and so on. RAs can assist our living habits.

“But we should clean it often. Cockroaches are easy to appear in the dormitory because of the dirty kitchen.” 

“I live on campus in Cowart Hall,” said Emma Daniel, a multimedia journalism major from Dothan, Alabama, and a sophomore in the spring. “In my experience, since the buildings on this side of campus are older, they’re not as good as the dorms like Clements, New Res and Trojan Village. However, this place can be nice.”  

Daniel also said students should have the necessities everyone sees on a college checklist, but realizing how to make a dorm your space is important. Air freshener is a must, especially since older dorms can smell musty.

“In my daily works, I always help students with roommates conflict,” said Nguyen Nguyen, a fine art major from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, who was a senior in the spring and was the RA of Pace Hall.

“I advise students to make agreements, and I hope they will be polite and friendly to each other, keep good relations with roommates, don’t be noisy when it is very late,” Nguyen said. 

He said he expects students to follow the dorm rules. They should keep rooms clean. If they break public things, they will be fined. They must pay attention to fire alarms.

Renting homes

Will Oliver, a multimedia journalism major from Wetumpka, Alabama, and a junior in the spring, lives in a rental house off campus.

“I learned about the landlords in the area through other friends that lived in rental homes back when I was a freshman living in the dorms on campus,” Oliver said. 

He said his house is older than some, so the rent is lower, and he can have his dog. There is more freedom than in the dorms. His landlord and roommates generally communicate when issues come up.

“I have helped so many students over the years,” said Sara Jo Burks, assistant director of housing and residence life. 

“One thing that was special is when we had the flooding in Louisiana and I got word that one of our students’ personal belongings had all been lost, so I contacted everyone I knew and asked for them help. 

“When he and his family arrived, I had my office full of clothes and basic needs, along with book vouchers and money that was all donated to help him. 

The Trojan Family

“He and his parents couldn’t believe we had done this for someone we didn’t know, but we are the Trojan Family, and we help each other.” 

“It is so convenient to live on campus,” Burks said. “Your semester room and board is placed on your account, and you can make payments. The shuttle service will take you to basic places like banks and Walmart. 

“However, we have a limited amount of bed space, so we cannot house everyone that may desire to live on campus.” 

Burks said students should follow dorm rules and communicate with roommates. Do not use roommates’ items without permission, she said. 

Alcohol is not allowed for students under 21.

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