Club advocates health for students

Rakshak Adhikari

Staff Writer

College students who want to consider taking up a healthier diet can join the new Troy University Nutrition Club.

According to Teresa Johnson, a professor in the department of kinesiology and health promotion and the faculty adviser to the club, the nutrition club is student-organized and student-led, and its purpose is to bring like-minded individuals who have an interest in nutrition science together.  

According to Johnson, joining the club adds a health dimension to any major.  For example, students from counseling or psychology majors may want to bring in specialists who work with patients with eating disorders.  Athletes may want to learn from a sports nutrition webinar or pre-med students can participate in a potential meeting on culinary medicine. 

According to Anna Caroline Logan, a junior exercise science major from Eutaw and the public relations chair of the club, they hosted a diet discussion panel last month as the first event where two registered dietitians came and spoke about popular diet trends and why they are not always good for you.

The nutrition club set up a table for the Campus Health and Wellness Fair held in the Trojan Center ballrooms on March 4. The students were able to get more information on the Nutrition Club at the table and could also have their body composition assessed for free.

“The machine takes electrical impulses of your body and measures fat percentage, muscle percentage, fat free mass, fat mass and basal metabolic rate,” said Taylor Carbone, a senior exercise science major form Foley and the founding president of the  Nutrition Club about the body composition assessment machine that was provided by the department of kinesiology and health promotion.

“College students have unhealthy eating habits because we are always eating on the go,” Carbone said. “If we continue to eat healthy at a young age, we will keep doing so when we are old.”

The Nutrition Club is having an event on April 8 at 6:30 p.m. in McCartha room 119, where a sports dietitian from Auburn University will talk about the field she is in; all students are welcome to join. The club does not have any dues and students interested in joining can email Carbone at

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