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Kianna Collins


Kianna Collins

Staff Writer


Fanaticon, the first fan convention in Dothan, held its first event, and the turnout was more than expected.

The convention was partially funded by a public fundraising website Kickstarter. The Kickstarter had a $1,000 goal and raised $3,171.

More than 500 people attended the convention, and it had 14 hours of panel action. The panels ranged from a “Megaman X4” speed run to a tutorial on special effects makeup from the artist Matt Silva.

Like many conventions, Fanaticon held a costume contest, and 46 people entered. This one was run a little differently, with exhibition entries as well.

The also held a Pro Tournament Qualifier for “Magic: The Gathering” in one of their two convention rooms.

This convention was also the first for many of the members of the Anime Manga Enthusiasts group. This was one of the club’s goals to reach for the year.

Two of the members, Nik Knighten and Michael Harber, won cash prizes from the Anime Trivia panel.

“I enjoyed the convention.” said Richard Brown, a freshman computer science major from Troy, “The atmosphere wasn’t tense, and the people there were extremely diverse.”

Something the members could agree on was that they didn’t feel like they were being judged, and that they felt welcome in that environment.

The members that attended Fanaticon are now also planning to go to KamiCon, a convention in Birmingham, as a result of their experience at Fanaticon.

“It felt like a bigger convention than what it actually was, but it still felt like a local convention,” said Nik Knighten, a freshman computer science major from Troy. “It was very DIY in nature.”

KamiCon is the next convention goal for the club. The club is going to hold a convention preparation seminar for the next convention on Thursday, in Patterson 108 at 6 p.m.

If you’d like to attend KamiCon with the group, tomorrow is the time to find people to get a hotel room and to find transportation.

The Anime Manga Enthusiasts meet every Monday at 6 p.m. in the Math and Science Complex in room 328.

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