Club brings Japanese culture to students

Goodness Ohia Obioha


The Japan Club explores, discusses and experiences various aspects of Japan and its culture.

At meetings, members present information about Japan that they are interested in. They also help students from Nagasaki, Japan, coming to Troy University.

The club goes to conventions and takes occasional trips, such as their upcoming trip to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

“If you have an interest in anything Japanese-related, whether it’d be like history or even games or anime, I think Japan Club is, like, a really good place to go,” said Daniel Mobley, a senior graphic design major from Luverne and the president of the Japan Club. “Most of our members are all pretty different people, and we all have specific interests in different things.”

“I like the club because I can go there and meet other people that share the same interest as I do, and they’re actually kind of like a family to me,” said Dajanera Jones, a sophomore graphic design major from Cameron, North Carolina. “I’ve been with these people since my freshman year, and they’re the first group of people to kind of warm me up to college life.”

Jones, who is interested in Japanese fashion, said one of the things she likes about the club is the fact that she could tell the president what she wanted to give a presentation on and she would be given a chance. She recommends the club to students who are interested in or want to further enrich their knowledge about the Japanese culture.

“One thing I like is the diversity of the topics we cover because we have a lot of things people are going to be interested in as far as Japanese things are concerned,” said Trenton Turner, a sophomore computer science major from Dothan, who did a presentation on “Senboku Jidai,” which literally translates to the “Warring Period,” a time spanning over 100 years of conflict in Japan’s history.

Mobley, Jones and Turner each had their own definition of what the Japan Club meant to them, but they all had the same view when it came to the relationship between members. In their own ways, they each said the warm and friendly atmosphere of the club is one of the reasons why the club is significant to them.

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