Club sports fee discussed

Cassie Gibbs

News Editor

Anton Zimanek, a senior hospitality and sports management major from Prattville, and Derek Daniel, a

senior sports management major from Troy, suggested an additional use for the $125 fee that was approved by the Student Government Association last year to improve the recreational facilities on campus.

The proposition included taking a few dollars from the $125 general student fee that is charged to every student at Troy University, and, using that money, create a fund for the use of funding club sports on Troy’s campus.

“That would be an estimated $40,000 that could be going towards club sports,” Zimanek said during Tuesday’s SGA meeting. “This can help out the university and help out the students who want to participate in sports that are at a higher level, though not necessarily college level.”

Zimanek said this could bring more students to Troy in the future.

Daniel used Iowa State University as an example of a school with a large number of club sports on its campus. He said that many incoming freshman pick which college they go to based on the amount of and the types of club sports available at the school.

Zimanek said that the funds would not be available to a start-up club until after its first year, or a “probationary period,” of funding itself. Then, the organization could provide a budget to be considered for funding.

The SGA recognized two organizations’ constitutions.

The purpose of the National Dance Education Organization is to provide students interested in dance and dance arts education with the chance to organize performance opportunities for students, implement mentorship programs with local high-school aged dance students, make connections with many organizations to offer dance workshops or classes, administer the National Honor Society for Dance Arts Program, raise money to benefit local dance initiatives and charity programs, sponsor guest-teaching artists and other enrichment activities, organize advocacy efforts for dance education at university, city and state level, host professional and career development networking events with the NDEO state affiliate and other professional, local organizations, prepare and submit a proposal to present at the annual NDEO national conference and provide special opportunities for intellectual and creative exchange about dance.

The Tau Beta Nu Trombone Society’s purpose is to provide opportunities for professional growth through rehearsal and performance, commend the music and art of the trombone and to strengthen and unify the trombone section at Troy University.

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