College colors day

by Sheldon Bloom

Troy University’s Student Government Association (SGA) took the lead during College Colors Day, a national event encouraging students to show their school pride.

             Governor Kay Ivey signed a proclamation in Montgomery which officially declared Friday, Sept. 2, to be College Colors Day. The proclamation encouraged students across Alabama to dress in their school colors as a way to build community amongst students and faculty. 

            Many members of Troy’s SGA, alongside with Troy’s mascot, T-Roy, were in attendance for the signing. Many of the SGA’s leaders were excited to be a part of the momentous event. 

            “It is important to support Troy University and show our Trojan pride throughout the entire year,” said SGA president Ava Carnazza, a global business major from Enterprise, Alabama. “All coming together, wearing our colors, helps build the close community we have here.” 

            SGA members were not the only ones excited to show their Trojan pride, as many students went all out for the occasion.

            “Of course, I’m excited to participate in showing my pride for Troy University,” said Chaz Crawford, a sophomore computer science major from Headland, Alabama. “I’m wearing cardinal all day today, even if I’m not on campus. Everywhere I go, I’ll be showing my support.” 

            Overall, the turnout for college colors was significant as students all over campus draped themselves in team spirit. 

            “It’s crazy to see how many people participated in college colors day,” said Thomas Easter, a sophomore with an undecided major from Luverne, Alabama. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much cardinal and silver in one place.”

            SGA representatives, who had been advocating and promoting College Colors Day via social media for several days, were quite pleased with the results.

            “I was very proud of the turnout on college colors day,” Carnazza said. “SGA had our retreat in the Trojan Center ballrooms, and everyone showed their school spirit by wearing cardinal. It was a very pleasant sight to see!”

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