College journalism teaches useful skill and self-discovery

Abby Taylor

Assistant News Editor

My time writing for the Tropolitan has taught me more than I could have imagined coming to Troy.

I look back at all of the moments when people would ask me, “Are you a journalism major?” 

When I would respond to these questions with a “No, I’m an English major,” people would automatically assume I was a copy editor.

It was funny to me because people never assumed I would be writing for the News section of the paper.

The Trop has taught me so much throughout my three years writing for the paper. I have learned the writing style, how to interview people I would never have imagined interviewing, and most importantly, I learned more about myself.

I found I enjoyed looking into newsworthy articles and loved finding sources to speak with. I also found I loved interviewing people and being able to meet so many interesting and diverse students and faculty.

My time writing for the Trop has given me so much experience I am able to take with me into the real world. I have met faculty members who have encouraged me and seen me grow over the past three years.

While my career will not look like a full-time journalist, I will be able to carry the skills and lessons I have learned throughout my time on the paper to develop me in a future career.

The choices you make in college can really make or break you, and I’m glad I chose to write for the paper. I can definitely say it was hard at times but so worth it. 

Zach Henson, editor-in-chief, I can already see the impact you are making on the Tropolitan, and I am thrilled to see where you will take the Trop throughout the spring semester.

Lilly Casolaro, former news editor, I am thankful you encouraged me to write for the Tropolitan and taught me how to become a better writer. You taught me how to find the best sources, continue making changes in my stories to have the best work, and, overall, you showed me what it looks like to be an effective writer.

My time on the Tropolitan has taught me valuable skills I would not have learned had I just taken classes and gone home every day. I am thankful I was pushed out of my comfort zone, and I would encourage anyone who has even the slightest bit of interest in journalism to find a place in this great community.

Abby Taylor will graduate in December with a Bachelor of Arts in English. 

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