College Myths vs. Reality


By: Devin Smith

The reprieve that is summer break is over, which means a brand new batch of freshmen have descended on Troy University. After years of hearing stories detailing what to expect at the college level it’s hard to differentiate the fact from fiction, so for those with more questions than answers here are five of the most common myths about your college experience.

5. Myth: College is harder than high school

Reality: Regardless of social or academic standing in grade school, college is basically starting over from scratch. That may make everything seem more difficult, but in reality it’s just very different from what may have been previously considered the norm. In its simplest form college is freedom, how you handle that newfound freedom will ultimately decide how difficult college will be.

4. Myth: The fifteen-minute rule

Reality: The urban legend that you are allowed to leave a class 15 minutes after it is scheduled to begin is just that; an urban legend. While you are guaranteed to find many students who live and die by the rule it probably isn’t in your best interests to follow suit. Like most classroom rules in college it will depend on the professor and each one has a different opinion. The length of the class should also be taken into consideration. If you feel the need to find out for yourself the best way is to ask students who have taken the class or know the professor in order to avoid disrespecting your professor.

3. Myth: Rooming with your closest friend will not end well

Reality: There really isn’t a precise means to say whether or not this is a good or bad thing. Rooming with a high school friend is a great way to transition into your new situation; it never hurts to have a good friend to experience it with you. However there is a significant difference between hanging out with friends by choice on occasion and constantly being around them because you share the same roof. There may be habits you were previously unaware of that come to light when you spend that much time with someone and that can cause strife between friends. No two friendships are the same, it may be best to sit down and talk about personal preferences and boundaries before signing on the dotted line.

2. Myth: Every day is a party

Reality: If this is your main focus you may need to readjust your priorities. The college scene does allow the opportunity to party each and every day if you choose to do so, but you will very quickly realize that it doesn’t take much to watch your GPA plummet. The biggest mistake that incoming freshman make is a lack of balance in their life. If you put all of your energy into social aspects of college your academics will undoubtedly suffer, and the same holds true for your social life if you stay lost in the books. Making time for both it the only way to keep your sanity intact.

1. Myth: The freshman 15

Reality: This is by far the most common of all college myths, and is also the most easily avoided. According to recent studies across the nation do show that there is some truth to the freshman 15, but it isn’t as literal as the name indicates. Students gain an average of 3 to 10 pounds in their first two years of college, most of which take place during the first semester of freshman year. There are a number of things that can factor into this ranging from stress, lack of exercise, overeating, etc. The freshman 15 is a matter of self-control, take care of yourself and this should never be an issue.


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