College Sports Venues

With the softball team working toward their goal to raise money for the reconstruction of their stadium, this seemed fitting.

While colleges may hope great academic programs would recruit students, I believe new athletic venues are one of the top ways to increase the numbers at a campus.

College-bound students keep their eyes on the schools with the winning teams, such as the University of Alabama.

Since Alabama’s win in 2010, according to their admissions, they’ve reached a record high of 33,602 enrolled students in the fall of 2012.

As you’ve noticed, most senior preview days in the fall are set on the days of big games or even homecoming and the biggest preview day is on the day of a baseball game.

The days are usually revolving around the games, for example all tours end before the games and prospective students are all but pushed to the games.

After the Trojan Arena was finished and opened last semester conveniently just before homecoming, group tours were actually held so these potential students could see what the school is doing to improve the venues for students to spend their time cheering on and supporting the teams.

With new students coming in, athletes that play these sports and more specifically at Troy, potential basketball players see a state of the art arena in which they could not only benefit from using, but also enjoy playing the sport more by having the nice building and equipment.

After the students have come in and seen the teams are treated this well in such great venues, this could increase student support, which will lead to alumni support after students graduate which could help possibly increase profits from various alumni associations.

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