Column: PAX shows out this year with details on new releases

Devin Holmes

PAX Prime, the Penny Arcade Expo, just took place over the Labor Day weekend, and what better time to have a three-day weekend (for some of us) than one that is packed full of exciting game info.
First up to bat is some downloadable content for “Saints Row 4; Saints Row Gat Out of Hell.”
If you have ever played a Saints Row game you know its motto is go big or go home, and that nothing is too crazy to put into its game.
They have successfully done this again in “Gat Out of Hell” by having Satan kidnap the president and forcing him to marry his daughter, Jezebel.
Next, “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel” has been confirmed to eventually receive four packs of DLC after its release.
If these DLC releases are anything like “Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep,” which was in “Borderlands 2,” they will include a ton of new guns and tons of shenanigans to get yourself into, which is exactly what you will play this game for.
Capcom’s dungeon crawler, “Deep Down,” had a small spotlight at PAX this year.
Even though it isn’t a new title, not much has been heard about this game in a year.
The game looks like a less customizable version of its own “Dark Souls.”
Even though Capcom hasn’t been on the ball recently, this game could have some promise.
“Mortal Kombat X” finally got some gameplay footage shown at PAX and this game is, if nothing else, violent.
Mortal Kombat has been known through the years for the bloodshed and “brutality” that its games are packed full of. This game does not disappoint.
It is too early to say for sure, but this game may go above and beyond its predecessors.
Finally the release that made the biggest wave in the pool is the “New Nintendo 3DS.”
With an upgraded processor, a new design, and a better screen for 3D, this seems to be every hand held gamer’s dream.
It also eliminates the need for the Circle Pad Pro addition to the current 3DS.
But with all of the fancy “improvements” come a few drawbacks.
This is basically a new system.
With the improved processor, games created for the new 3DS, such as the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles, will not be playable on the older 3DS models.
How is this different from any other time a new system has come out?
It isn’t, except we got the 3DS in 2011, only three years ago.
The original DS was released in 2004, and that is a seven-year difference in handheld generations.
Have we really already gotten our money’s worth out of our regular 3DSs to justify getting a new 3DS? Maybe, and then again maybe not.
The new “Super Smash Brothers” is still being released on the current 3DS ,and that is all we really need for the time being.

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