Concert Chorale: Journey to 10th year

Katie Miller

Staff Writer

In celebration of the Troy University Concert Chorale’s 10 years in performance, Diane Orlofsky, professor of music and director of Troy’s Concert Chorale, will be conducting the choir in several pieces chosen by the alumni of the group.

“It’s kind of symbolic of the journey that the School of Music has taken through the years,” Orlofsky said.

The pieces chosen for the concert represent a journey through each artist’s life.

“It’s like tracing the steps of a favorite town that you’ve been to lots, and then seeing new things along the way,” Orlofsky said.

Wyatt Anderson, a freshman music education major from Pell City, says the Concert Chorale has worked hard to prepare for their concert.

“We’ve been trying to memorize a lot of the songs so we can get a connection with the audience and sing to them, and not just sing in our books,” Anderson said.

Anderson is eager to perform his favorite piece of the night, “Evensong” by Eric William Barnum, which was written specifically for Concert Chorale.

“There will be a cello playing while we’re singing, and it just sounds really beautiful,” Anderson said.

Faculty guest artist Katerina Juraskova will be playing the cello during “Evensong.”

“It’s really lovely,” Orlofsky said. “From the first note she plays, she pulls you into the piece.”

“I’m most looking forward to being able to sing a bunch of songs with a bunch of really fantastic singers,” Anderson said.

Anderson said there is something for everyone in this performance.

“I think music people should go because there’s a lot of challenging songs that we’re doing,” Anderson said. “Non-music people should also go because choir is very touching sometimes. It’s very heart-warming to listen to, even if you’re not a music major.”

Megan Roberts, a senior music education major from Fort Walton Beach, Florida, will be playing clarinet with Timothy  Phillips and Carol Franks, two faculty members in the school of music, for “To Everything There Is A Season” by John Rutter.

“This is an anniversary concert, so it’s important that music majors are supportive of this event because it shows our growth while Dr. Orlofsky has been here,” Roberts said. “This is a good opportunity to learn about the different aspects of what goes on in the school of music.”

Carol Franks, an associate professor of music, said the Concert Chorale will “show the progression of the history and depth of the school of music.”

“Hearing those pieces from the past, as well as the students who are in the organization, is going to be really special,” Franks said.

“In a world where it’s hard to find serenity and peace, coming apart from electronics and that fast pace, it’s important for everyone to step into a world they’re not accustomed to,” Orlofsky said. “Hopefully people will be moved to tears. I think people need that in their lives. They need reflection.”

Guest conductors include Tori Lee Averett, Meagan King Johnson and Laura Aaron Mixon. Faculty guest artists include Carol Franks, Timothy Phillips and Katerina Juraskova.

The Concert Chorale performance will be on April 2 at 3 p.m. at Bush Memorial Baptist Church in Troy.

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