Continental Cinemas to launch renovations, will allow patrons to enjoy dinner and a movie

Lacey Alexander

Staff Writer

Continental Cinemas will break ground on its massive renovation project as early as April, according to Continental Cinemas Vice President Chase Taylor.

“Contractors are saying a year to do it all,” Taylor said. “It’s a staging process. . . we can’t just say ‘go’; it takes a lot of time.”

Last August, the Continental Cinemas in Troy announced initial plans for a makeover to its existing theater on U.S. 231.

Recently, the company has been able to release more details that could affect students’ experiences.

Taylor said, with the addition of a bar and grill area, that concession options will expand with the update.

“We’ll do a lot more food, like pizzas and burgers,” Taylor said. “The idea is fast food-type items, and you’ll be able to take that into the theater during your movie.”

Regular ticket prices are likely to increase as much as $1 for regular patrons and students, according to Taylor.

Taylor said small parts of the theater will be renovated at a time, but he does not foresee the entire theater being closed down at once.

“The first thing we’ll do is build the two new screens because we can’t shut the old ones down until we bring in the new ones,” Taylor said. “I think there will be maybe a month or two that we’re down to five screens instead of six. . . that’s the plan.”

Tickets for the Dolby ATMOS Premium Large Format theater, or Screen 2, will also rise “a few dollars,” according to Taylor.

The premium theater is planned to include 266 seats, as well as space for wheelchairs, a wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor screen and an “incredible sound system.”

Taylor said he expects the company will need to hire anywhere from 15 to 20 new employees upon completion.

“We basically only have Troy students working here right now,” Taylor said.

The renovations, currently planned to include an arcade (to replace the current lobby) and a 12-lane bowling alley, will be constructed to the south of the movie theater.

The new lobby will be where the two small movie screens on the south side of the theater are presently located.

Troy students have expressed excitement for these additions.

Taylor Bottoms, a junior English major from Columbus, Georgia, said that the addition was exciting among the many additions that Troy seems to be bringing to the community.

“I think it’s great that Troy is trying to improve its city life,” Bottoms said. “With the new bowling alley and with the recently opened Publix, our little town is seriously growing.”

“It would not only give us another option for weekend entertainment,” said Elizabeth Miller, a junior English language arts major from Ashford. “It would also open the door for even more businesses to open here in Troy.”

Taylor said he believes that Troy needs a bowling alley and that adding the alley to a theater is not uncommon.

“Troy’s growing, we want to make sure we provide entertainment to the university and to the city,” Taylor said. “We want to stay relevant with what we’re doing.”

Taylor said that for the project to be a success, he would need the community’s support and patronage. He also said he hopes that Troy students would make the most out of the new bowling alley and screens.

“We’re hoping the students get behind us on it and make it a success,” Taylor said. “I can’t wait for everybody to see this—it’s probably not going to be what everybody’s expecting.”

For updates on the construction, upcoming movies, and events at the theater, visit the Continental Cinemas Troy Facebook page.

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