Delta Chi and a cage for a cure

April Irvin
Photo Editor

Delta Chi took fundraising to a new level when it decided to lock its philanthropy chair in a cage.

David Cannon, a senior broadcast journalism major from Hartford and Delta Chi’s philanthropy chair, was locked in a cage in an effort to raise money for the V Foundation, which focuses on raising money for cancer research.

The cage was part of a two-day event, which included being part of the 106.7 FM morning show “Two Girls and a Mic,” during the fraternity’s Luau Week.

The event was called Luau Lockup.

“I knew that we needed another event,” Cannon said. “So, I started brainstorming, and, with the help of some of the brothers, I decided to do what we call Luau Lockup.”

Cannon said that he was originally going to stay in the cage for 48 hours, but later decided to only stay for 32.

He said that the cage was a symbol of the limitations that come with being affected by cancer.

The original goal of the fraternity was to raise $1,000.

Cannon said that he was going to stay in the cage, even if the group achieved that goal.

The fraternity also hosted the Ms. Luau pageant, a traditional event that was re-introduced in this year’s philanthropy week.

Cannon said that the pageant was a success, and it raised $1,500 for the V Foundation.

The total amount of money raised for the week was $3,500. This included the pageant, Luau Lockup and the Park Band concert, held at the Delta Chi house on Friday night.

Cannon said that he was proud to lead and take part in the philanthropy events this year.

“Personally, I am very glad to do this,” he said.

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