Demotivated by weather

Hannah Hartline
Staff writer

Students are supposed to make the grade, rain or shine. However, weather does leave an impact on students, affecting our school work.
Cold weather begins to impact the Southern states mostly in the weeks following New Year’s Day. January and February tend to be the coldest months of the year, as I remember that nice polar vortex we had last spring.
However, while the colder months may bring some fun in the form of snow or ice, most of the time, it’s just a miserable cold.
According to the Health Guidance website,, the weather conditions can affect human emotions simply due to the colder temperature, lack of sunlight or rain. A lot of it comes from a lower body temperature, which can demotivate people.
Sarah Graham, a senior broadcast journalism major from Hayden, seemed to align with this idea.
“For me, weather plays a factor but a small one,” Graham said. “I, like I’m sure a lot of people, tend to get tired and sleepy when it’s raining. I think that it is because it’s darker than we are used to on a sunny day. “
Students hurry across the quad to escape the cold wind, and it becomes harder and harder to muster up the willpower to brave the chill.
For me, I know that the early morning, when it’s the coldest out, is the hardest time of day for me. The simplicity of staying in bed and not having to bundle up and dress for class seems like the most ideal thing in the world.
However, for the sake of making the grade, I know that I have to get out of bed. I know that staying in bed, where it’s warm, is not going to give me the grades that I need to be who I want to be in life.
Kelsey Reynolds, a junior biology education major from Chatom, agreed that her classes were more important than any desire to stay warm in bed.
“It’s hardest for me to get up when it’s cold (because) my room stays about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of my apartment,” Reynolds said. “I have many days I want to say ‘forget it,’ but I know I can’t. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have an 8:30 class, and I have already wanted to sleep in.
“I tend to feel guilty if I do not get up. About 45 minutes before class, it’s unbearable and I just get up. I am also in my major area courses, so I really cannot afford to miss class anymore.”
Taylor Jones, a freshman nursing major from Wetumpka, also agreed that while getting out of bed is sometimes hard, her grades were worth it in the end.
“It’s hardest when I have to study late at night and/or something keeps me up late in the night,” Jones said. “I do have days when I want to just stay in bed, but I never do.
“I strive to get all A’s, and I find that going to class contributes to that.”
I think that a lot of Trojans feel the same way. We are at Troy for a reason, and while skipping class may be especially tempting with the dropping temperatures, ultimately it is the desire to succeed that drives us to class, rain or shine.

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