Design Club hosts button sale

Rakshak Adhikari

Staff Writer

The Troy Design Club hosted a button sale inside the Trojan Center on Friday, making $235 in one day. The buttons featured a variety of designs ranging from Troy logos to Hogwarts houses to popular memes.

According to Carolina Hechart, a senior graphic design major from Oxford and the public relations chair of the club, the button sale was a great success, and the Design Club is planning to host another button sale during Homecoming week. 

Hechart explained that the button sale provides the funds needed for the annual trip the Design Club makes to a marketing agency every year.

According to Kayle Knight, a senior graphic design major from Troy and the vice president of the Design Club, the club is open to everyone interested in art and design.

“We are always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of art and design while also entertaining the student body of Troy University,” Knight said. 

The Design Club works to provide opportunities for professional experience in graphic design that are rarely accessible to students in a traditional classroom setting. The club often works on designing logos for other clubs and even businesses. It is currently collaborating with the Marketing Club so the members of both the clubs can learn relevant skills from each other.

“We have divided the club into groups with two designers and three marketers in each group, all of which work in the designing and marketing of the same project, and the best one is chosen as the winner,” Hechart said. 

Hechart said these projects will prepare the students for jobs — in professional graphic design, the designers have to work in close collaboration with marketers and clients.

The first project for the collaboration was the logo for the marketing club, and the clubs are currently working on advertising an event management class for the spring.

“I applied to a marketing internship last semester, and I did not get a good response because they wanted someone with basic graphic designing skills even though I was a marketing major,” said Seth Key, a senior marketing major from Birmingham and the president of the marketing club. “This is why we came up with this collaboration where the marketing majors can learn basic graphic design skills that a marketing major would not ordinarily know.”

The graphic design majors were able to learn the basic strategies of service marketing like product price, promotion and placement that they would not have necessarily known otherwise, according to Key.

Tyler Buchanan, a freshman business major from Wetumpka, said that during the first project he and his fellow marketers helped the graphic designers come up with vision statements and mission statements while the graphic designers helped them learn the basic technical skills required in graphic design, like using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

The Design Club meets weekly on Mondays in the International Arts Center in room 207.

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