Dining hall caters to changing student tastes

(PHOTO/ Zenith Shrestha)

Above: Troy Univeristy’s Dining Hall has begun offering new food choices, including more vegetarian options. Left: Jessica Bryant, a senior psychology major from Pensacola, Florida, works in the dining hall. 

Rakshak Adhikari

Staff Writer

The Troy University Dining hall has made several updates this semester to cater to the evolving needs of students.

The dining hall has started serving fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast this semester, said Eric Huvar, executive chef at Troy Dining. Other additions include extending breakfast until 1:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The dining hall has also expanded its offerings at Magellan’s upstairs to include fish tacos, stir fry, vegetable tempura and a few other options, which are offered in a three-week rotation cycle, Huvar added.

According to him, the Dining Hall is also trying to diversify food they offer the vegetarian sections. Pulao rice, vegetable and peanut curry and sesame-glazed tofu are some recent additions to thevegetarian section.

“The Dining Hall is actually a pretty dependable place to eat,” said Soumitra Ganguly, a sophomore physics major from Kolkata, India, who regularly eats at the dining hall. “Despite the differences in opinion about what meat it is they use, the dining hall has some great food and it’s an even better place to hang out.”

“If there’s one meal of the day that the dining does best in my opinion, it’s breakfast” Ganguly added.

Ganguly also said that he preferred the breakfast eggs and sausage and was delighted at the addition of a new fresh fruit smoothies section.

“I like the number of options, but I wish there were more veggie and meat options that were actually edible,” said Joanna Ellis, a senior history education major from Gardendale, Alabama.

“The veggies are often overcooked, and I rarely trust meat from Flying Star/Simple Station except fried chicken,” she added.

Ellis said she enjoyed the breakfast and the various options available during breakfast but did not appreciate the evening hours that close at 7, which is too early for her.

“I wish they would offer a wider variety of vegetables and grilled options,” said Sheldon Bloom, a freshman economics major from Dothan,  Alabama. “I think students should be able to choose to eat healthier if they want.

“I particularly enjoy the grilled fish and wish they served it more often.”

Troy Dining also recently inaugurated the Rec Center café, where students can get health bars, snacks and beverages. The café accepts cash and credit cards, along with flex points.

Students can access information regarding the menu, open outlets and hours of operation at trojandining.com.

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