Dionne Rosser-Mims heads changes in College of Education

Abby Taylor

Assistant News Editor


New changes to the college of education are underway with Dionne Rosser-Mims serving as interim dean.

“As far as my duties, essentially, I oversee all of the administrative functions within the college (of education),” Rosser-Mims said.

Rosser-Mims said the college of education has adopted a strategic plan with five priorities to help enhance the college.

According to the Interim Dean’s Welcome Message, the priorities are enrollment and program growth; alumni communications and engagement; student retention, development and success; faculty and staff development, support and success; and leadership, management and performance.

Regarding enrollment and program growth, Rosser-Mims writes, “We can strengthen offerings with study and service abroad to help graduates broaden their global awareness and enhance career opportunities.”

The college of education under Rosser-Mimshas created an online global identity course titled EDU 3390/5590 offered the summer of 2019. There are also two study abroad options in either the United Kingdom or Costa Rica connected to the course.

“This study abroad experience will equip students with cross-cultural skills to succeed in an interconnected global society,” reads an email from Rosser-Mims.

Rosser-Mims said one of her goals as interim dean is to help students recognize their skills.

“I feel strongly if students know who they are as a leader — for example, understanding their leadership style — they will be much stronger students,” she said.

There will be career planning tools offered to students to help them see if they are in the right degree program.

“Particularly with the career planning piece, this will assist students in determining whether they are in the right program,” Rosser-Mims said. “It’s better to determine your program path early on versus later.”

According to Rosser-Mims, the focus of the college of education is to encourage and mentor students.

“Our hope is that our students will stay committed, excel in their academic pursuits, with the ultimate goal of making a difference in the lives of others,” she said.

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