DKE suspended for fall semester

Pradyot Sharma


The Troy University chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) has been suspended for the remainder of the semester following an investigation into hazing allegations. 

DKE is the second fraternity to be suspended this semester after Troy’s Sigma Chi chapter was suspended last month. 

Herbert Reeves, the dean of Student Services, said that the investigation took some time because the university was waiting on the national office of the fraternity to send a representative for the investigation into the allegations.

Following the investigation, the chapter was found to be in violation of policies related to hazing. 

“We did find things that were inconsistent with fraternity policies,” Reeves said. 

There were no sanctions or disciplinary actions taken against individual members of the fraternity, but the chapter as a whole was sanctioned. 

“The sanctions pretty much mirror what happened earlier in the semester with Sigma Chi,” Reeves said. 

“The chapter is on a suspensory or probation status right now. All their activities have been suspended for the remainder of the semester and we will reevaluate the organization at the end of the semester.”

While Reeves did not reveal specific details of hazing, he said it included things like sleep deprivation and abuse of alcohol.

The fraternity members are allowed to live in their house but there will be no activities until the suspension status is lifted. This includes social activities, homecoming activities and participation in intramural sports. 

“They can exist, they can have business meetings if it’s in regards to chapter business, but that’s the extent of all they can do,” Reeves said. 

After the allegations against DKE, new member activities were temporarily suspended for all fraternities pending a meeting with university officials. The suspension was lifted after all members met with university officials to discuss the new member process. 

According to Reeves, the status of both DKE and Sigma Chi will be re-evaluated at the end of the semester. 

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