Don’t blame Disney

Sable Riley

Arts & Entertainment Editor

It is not Disney’s inherent responsibility to uphold perceived moral or ethical principles.

As we often see in the entertainment industry, film is often a reflection of the ideals of a society.

The industry, in fact, often prides itself in its comfort at the edge of culture, walking further into the peculiar, the feared, the reprehensible than its predecessor and leaving breadcrumbs for others to follow.

Disney’s only loyalty lies in itself as a corporation—a money-making machine.

Society is no longer content with the traditional or the comfortable, but often seeks for the magnification of tension that exists in an ever-evolving culture.

Why should we expect the media to be a lighthouse of conservatism when we know those treasured ideals are no longer the trend?

We shouldn’t have a dependency on a media company to uphold religiously rooted morals, no matter its targeted demographic.

We know what’s in society: religion is present, depravity is rampant and death is imminent. Why should we expect to see anything different when we turn on the TV?

Progression in pop culture depends on the exploitation of social conflict in existing or imagined conventions.

That’s why Ferris Bueller didn’t go to school, why Will Traynor didn’t choose life and why Disney’s reimagined Lefou isn’t infatuated with Belle.

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