Downtown Troy draws students to festivities

Lilly Casolaro
Staff Writer

The city of Troy and the Pike County Chamber of Commerce are partnering to provide free events to the community every fifth Saturday through programs named Fifth Saturday.
The month of August featured the band BlackBerry Breeze in downtown Troy on Aug. 29.
Leigh Anne Windham with the city of Troy said that this event allows people to come together and experience what Troy has to offer.
“We want to provide students in the community with something to do on the weekends and to introduce others to what Troy has to offer,” Windham said.
Festivities began with an open mic session followed by a performance from the band BlackBerry Breeze.
Typically held on the Square, the event was moved to the upstairs of Sweet Rack Rib Shack in downtown Troy due to rain.
Rachel Deloach, a sophomore broadcast journalism major from Atlanta, said that she enjoyed the overall event.
“I loved the atmosphere at Sweet Rack Rib Shack,” Deloach said.
Deloach heard about Fifth Saturday from fliers on campus and was drawn to the festivities primarily because it featured BlackBerry Breeze.
Lindsey Scott, a freshman secondary education major from Fairhope, said she was pleasantly surprised by the crowd’s energy toward the band.
“I expected to only be listening to a band and interacting with people, but when I got to Sweet Rack, everyone was dancing and singing along with the band,” Scott said.
“I loved how into it everyone was. It really made the night a hit,” she said.
Jacob Hill, a sophomore criminal justice major from Lawrenceville, Georgia, said that the event unified the Troy community.
“I think the city of Troy did a great job of putting on an event to get both college students and Troy residents together to enjoy the downtown area,” Hill said.
“I was initially drawn to the event because it was free, but I also knew friends who were attending, so that influenced my decision to go as well.”
“I thought that the Fifth Saturday event went really well,” Windham said. “We had some great talent performing in the gazebo for open mic, and there was a nice crowd there that really seemed to enjoy them.
There were a lot of Troy students, but there was also a good number of people from the community.”
Students also had positive feedback about the event.
“I’ll be going to as many events downtown as I can,” Scott said. “I think they’re a great way to enjoy Troy life and have some fun.”
“Our next Downtown event will be a watch party on Saturday, Sept. 10,” Windham said. “We watch the Troy Trojans playing on a big screen, and everyone is invited to come down and have some great food and beverages.”

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