Dr. Heisler honored for excellence

( Photo / Troy University )

Jakiya Dudley

Staff Writer 

Troy University’s Dr. William Heisler, a human resource management professor, has had his article “Increasing Pay Transparency: A Guide for Change” published in the January-February issue of Business Horizons, a bimonthly journal of the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University. 

Heisler gave insight on how he became concerned with the topic of increasing pay transparency.

 “Before coming to Troy, I worked for a $2 billion defense contractor as director of corporate compensation,” said Heisler. “One of the things I soon became aware of was that our salaried employees had little knowledge of how their pay was determined or what the pay ranges were for their jobs.

“Our hourly employees were more aware of these factors because their pay and benefits were negotiated and published as part of the labor agreement. So, I set out to make pay transparency more a part of our corporate culture. One way we achieved this was publishing a booklet for our salaried employees called ‘Straight Talk about Pay.’”

Heisler said he thought back on times where he failed to benefit from pay transparency. 

“I was unaware of what an employer was willing to pay for my services,” Heisler said. “That’s not a good feeling.

 “Today, some companies include the salary ranges in ads for positions they are recruiting. That’s another step forward in pay transparency.  Job applicants can then determine 

 if the offer they receive reflects their level of qualification for the job in terms of education, experience and skill. 

“Employees should  know how their pay is determined, the pay range for their job and what other jobs 

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