Draft beer legalized in Troy

Sarah Holton
Karli Mauldin
Assistant News Editor

The city of Troy passed the draft beer legalization on Tuesday, April 22, at the City Council Chambers. This process will finalize the hard work of Lyndsay and Jamey Taylor, the owners of Troy’s Sips on the Square. The Taylors originally brought the idea of draft beer to the council. “Everyone was very receptive,” Lyndsay Taylor said. “We decided to approach the city council about it and received the most warm welcome and the most positive attitude from them.”
The earliest that the city of Troy could see the sale of draft beer is today. The news had to be run in the paper for at least a day prior to being able to serve.
Sips on the Square will be ready today to serve at least eight draft beers, according to Lyndsay Taylor.
“We are hoping for that to happen as early as Thursday if all goes well,” she said.
The Taylors said they are extremely excited and thankful that the City Council has been so supportive behind the decision to bring draft beer to Troy.
“We have had one of our beer reps in installing the keg system and been in the process of deciding what kegs we want to get. We’ve been narrowing down our options and had it installed today. We wanted the kegs for a bigger variety for our customers. As far as this week, we’ve been trying to get it ready and prepared for some pretty big changes.”
The Taylors look forward to seeing the doors for new businesses, along with their own, open up following this new change in the city of Troy.

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